Iroon Skopeftiriou 2 & Imittou, 161 21 Kesariani, Athens, Greece.
Telephone: +30 210-7522066 - Fax: +30 210-7510213
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Metallurgy for the Metallurgy
Metallurgical Plants

Traditionally, our company has been a key partner for Metallurgical Plants such as: Steel Mills, Aluminum Smelting, Nickel, Zink and Tin producing companies.
Alloys Used

  • All Grades for Wear Resisting Alloys
  • High Strength Structural Steels
  • Heat and Corrosion Steel Alloys
  • Special Corrosion Resistant Grades of Cast Iron
  • Creep resistant Steel
  • Special Copper Alloys
Special Corrosion Resistant Cast Iron Tubes
Pinions and Gears
Molten Aluminum Transfer Laddles
Pumpls / Pumps Spare Parts
Slag Pots / Laddles
Ingot Casting Dies
Steel Mills Rolls
Bearings / Bearing Repair
Steel Mills Guides
Heat Resistant Parts for Furnaces
Steel Mills Nozzles
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