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Cast Irons
Gray cast iron        
W.NrGerman  Europe USA  Japan 
0.6010GG-10DIN 1691EN-GJL-100 Class 20BASTM A 48FC 100JIS G 5501
0.6015GG-15DIN 1691EN-GJL-150 Class 25BASTM A 48FC 150JIS G 5501
0.6020GG-20DIN 1691EN-GJL-200 Class 30BASTM A 48FC 200JIS G 5501
0.6025GG-25DIN 1691EN-GJL-250 Class 40BASTM A 48FC 250JIS G 5501
0.6030GG-30DIN 1691EN-GJL-300 Class 45BASTM A 48FC 300JIS G 5501
0.6035GG-35DIN 1691EN-GJL-350 Class 50BASTM A 48FC 350JIS G 5501
Abrasion resisting Cast iron        
W.NrGerman  Europe USA  Japan 
0.9610G-X 300 NiMo 3 MgDIN 1695Grade 2ABS 4844IB NiCr-LCASTM A 532Ni Hard II 
0.9620G-X 260 NiCr 4 2DIN 1695Grade 2BBS 4844IA NiCr-HCASTM A 532Ni Hard I 
0.9625G-X 330 NiCr 4 2DIN 1695Grade 2 C,D,EBS 4844ID Ni-HiCrASTM A 532Ni Hard IV 
0.9630G-X 300 CrNiSi 9 5 2DIN 1695Grade 3 A,BBS 4844IIC 15%Cr-Mo-HCASTM A 532  
0.9635G-X 300 CrMo 15 3DIN 1695Grade 3, CBS 4844IID 20%CrMo-LCASTM A 532  
0.9640G-X 300 CrMoNi 15 2 1DIN 1695Grade 3, DBS 4844IIIA 25%CrASTM A 532  
0.9645G-X 260 CrMoNi 20 2 1DIN 1695Grade 3, EBS 4844IIIA 25%CrASTM A 532  
0.9650G-X 260 Cr 27DIN 1695      
0.9655G-X 300 CrMo 27 1DIN 1695      
Ductile Cast Iron        
W.NrGerman  Europe USA  Japan 
0.7033GGG-35.3DIN 1693-1EN-GJS-400-15 Grade 60-40-18ASTM A 536FCD 400JIS G 5502
0.7040GGG-40DIN 1693-1EN-GJS-500-7 Grade 65-45-12ASTM A 536FCD 500JIS G 5502
0.7043GGG-40.3DIN 1693-1EN-GJS-600-3 Grade 80-55-06ASTM A 536FCD 600JIS G 5502
0.7050GGG-50DIN 1693-1EN-GJS-700-2 Grade 100-70-03ASTM A 536FCD 700JIS G 5502
0.7060GGG-60DIN 1693-1EN-GJS-800-2 Grade 120-90-02ASTM A 536FCD 800JIS G 5502
0.7070GGG-70DIN 1693-1      
0.7080GGG-80DIN 1693-1      
Malleable Cast Iron        
W.NrGerman  Europe USA  Japan 
0.8035GTW-35-04DIN 1692EN-GJMW-350-4 Grade 22010ASTM A 47FCMW 330JIS G 5703
0.8038GTW-S 38-12DIN 1692EN-GJMW-360-12 Grade 32510ASTM A 47FCMW 370JIS G 5703
0.8040GTW-40-05DIN 1692EN-GJMW-400-5   FCMWP 440JIS G 5703
0.8045GTW-45-07DIN 1692EN-GJMW-450-7   FCMB 340JIS G 5702
0.8135GTS-35-10DIN 1692EN-GJMB-350-10   FCMP 540JIS G 5704
0.8145GTS-45-06DIN 1692EN-GJMB-450-6   FCMP 690JIS G 5704
0.8155GTS-55-04DIN 1692EN-GJMB-550-4     
0.8165GTS-65-02DIN 1692EN-GJMB-650-2     
0.8170GTS-70-02DIN 1692EN-GJMB-700-2     
Austenitic Cast Iron        
W.NrGerman  Europe USA    
0.6656GGL-NiCuCr 15 6 3DIN 1694L-NUC-15 6 3A32-301Type 1BASTM A 436  
0.6660GGL-NiCr 20 2DIN 1694L-NC-20 2A32-301Type 2ASTM A 436  
0.6661GGL-NiCr 20 3DIN 1694L-NC-20 3A32-301Type 2BASTM A 436  
0.6667GGL-NiSiCr 20 5 3DIN 1694L-NSC-20 5 3A32-301Type 3ASTM A 436  
0.6676GGL-NiCr 30 3DIN 1694L-NC-30 3A32-301Type 4ASTM A 436  
0.6680GGL-NiSiCr 30 5 5DIN 1694L-NSC-30 5 5A32-301Type D-2BASTM A 439  
0.7661GGG-NiCr 20 3DIN 1694S-NC-20 3A32-301Type D-4ASTM A 439  
0.7665GGG-NiSiCr 20 5 2DIN 1694S-NSC-20 5 2A32-301Type D-5ASTM A 439  
0.7677GGG-NiCr 30 1DIN 1694S-NC-30 1A32-301Type D-5BASTM A 439  
0.7680GGG-NiSiCr 30 5 5DIN 1694S-NSC-30 5 5A32-301Type D-5SASTM A 439  
0.7683GGG-Ni 35DIN 1694S-N-35A32-301    
0.7685GGG-NiCr 35 3DIN 1694S-NC-35 3A32-301    
0.7688GGG-NiSiCr 35 5 2DIN 1694     
Structural Steel
Cast Steels for general purposes        
W.NrGerman  Europe USA  Japan 
1.0420GS-38DIN 1681  Grade 60-30ASTM A 27SC360JIS G 5101
1.0446GS-45DIN 1681  Grade 65-35ASTM A 27SC410JIS G 5101
1.0552GS-52DIN 1681  Grade 70-36ASTM A 27SC450JIS G 5101
1.0558GS-60DIN 1681  Grade 70-40ASTM A 27SC480JIS G 5101
 Other European Designation       
 A 1BS 3100      
 A 2BS 3100      
 A 3BS 3100      
Steel Castings with high toughness        
W.NrGerman  Europe USA  Japan 
1.1120GS-20 Mn 5DIN 17182A 4BS 3100Grade 80-40/50ASTM A 148SCW410JIS G 5102
1.1131GS-16 Mn 5DIN 17182A 5BS 3100Grade 90-60ASTM A 148SCW450JIS G 5102
1.5015GS-8 Mn 7DIN 17182A 6BS 3100Grade 105-85ASTM A 148SCW480JIS G 5102
1.5430GS-8 MnMo 7 4DIN 17182  Grade 160-145ASTM A 148SCW550JIS G 5102
1.6221GS-13 MnNi 6 4DIN 17182  Grade 210-180ASTM A 148SCW620JIS G 5102
High-strength Cast Steel        
W.NrGerman  Europe USA  Japan 
1.1118G24Mn6SEW 520GP240GREN 10213Grade WCAASTM A 216SCC3JIS G 5111
1.4317GX4CrNi13-4SEW 520GX8CrNi12EN 10213Grade WCBASTM A 216SCC5JIS G 5111
1.5431G12MnMo7-4SEW 520G17CrMoV5-10EN 10213Grade WCCASTM A 216SCMn1-5JIS G 5111
1.6309G20MnMoNi5-5SEW 520G17CrMo9-10EN 10213Grade WC1ASTM A 217SCMnCr3-4JIS G 5111
1.6759G18NiMoCr3-6SEW 520GX4CrNiMo16-5-1EN 10213Grade WC4ASTM A 217SCMnCrM2-3JIS G 5111
1.6760G22NiMoCr5-6SEW 520G17NiCrMo13-6EN 10213Grade WC5ASTM A 217SCPH1JIS G 5151
1.6779G14NiCrMo10-6SEW 520G9Ni10EN 10213Grade WC6ASTM A 217SCPH2JIS G 5151
1.6781G17NiCrMo13-6DIN EN 10213-3GX2CrNiMo19-11-2EN 10213Grade WC9ASTM A 217SCPH11JIS G 5151
1.7352G18CrMnMo5-5SEW 520GX5CrNi19-10EN 10213Grade C5ASTM A 217SCPH21JIS G 5151
1.7379G17CrMo9-10DIN EN 10213-2GX2CrNiMoN27-7-4EN 10213Grade C12ASTM A 217SCPH22JIS G 5151
   G20Mo5EN 10213Grade A15ASTM A 217SCPH23JIS G 5151
   GP240GHEN 10213Grade WC9ASTM A 217SCPH32JIS G 5151
   GX4CrNi13-4EN 10213Grade HK seriesASTM A 351SCPH61JIS G 5151
   GX15CrMo5EN 10213Grade HT seriesASTM A 351SCPL1JIS G 5152
   G17Mn5EN 10213Grade CT seriesASTM A 351SCPL11JIS G 5152
   GX3CrNi13-4EN 10213Grade CF seriesASTM A 351SCPL21JIS G 5152
   G9Ni14EN 10213Grade CG seriesASTM A 351SCPL31JIS G 5152
   GX5CrNiNb19-11EN 10213Grade CD seriesASTM A 351  
   G17CrMo5-5EN 10213Grade CN seriesASTM A 351  
   GP280GHEN 10213Grade CK seriesASTM A 351  
   GX23CrMoV12-1EN 10213Grade CE seriesASTM A 351  
   G18Mo5EN 10213Grade CH seriesASTM A 351  
   GX2CrNi19-11EN 10213    
   GX2CrNiMoCuN25-6-3-3EN 10213    
   GX5CrNiMoNb19-11-2EN 10213   
Stainless and Heat Resistant
Heat-resistant cast steel        
W.NrGerman  Europe USA  Japan 
1.4710GX30CrSi6DIN 17465Z25C13-MNF A32-057Grade HFASTM A 297SCH1JIS G 5122
1.4729GX40CrSi13DIN 17465Z40C28-MNF A32-057Grade HHASTM A 297SCH2JIS G 5122
1.4740GX40CrSi17DIN 17465Z30CN26.05-MNF A32-057Grade HIASTM A 297SCH3JIS G 5122
1.4743GX160CrSi18SEW 471Z25CN20.10-MNF A32-057Grade HKASTM A 297SCH11JIS G 5122
1.4745GX40CrSi23DIN 17465Z40CN25.12-MNF A32-057Grade HEASTM A 297SCH12JIS G 5122
1.4776GX40CrSi29DIN 17465Z40CN25.20-MNF A32-057Grade HTASTM A 297SCH13JIS G 5122
1.4777GX130CrSi29DIN 17465Z40CN30.20-MNF A32-057Grade HUASTM A 297SCH15JIS G 5122
1.4823GX40CrNiSi27-4DIN 17465Z40NC35.15-MNF A32-057Grade HWASTM A 297SCH16JIS G 5122
1.4825GX25CrNiSi18-9DIN 17465Z45NCW45.25-MNF A32-057Grade HXASTM A 297SCH17JIS G 5122
1.4826GX40CrNiSi22-9DIN 17465Z50NC60.15-MNF A32-057Grade HCASTM A 297SCH18JIS G 5122
1.4832GX25CrNiSi20-14DIN 17465Z40NCK20.20.20-MNF A32-057Grade HDASTM A 297SCH19JIS G 5122
1.4837GX40CrNiSi25-12DIN 17465NC50-MNF A32-057Grade HLASTM A 297SCH20JIS G 5122
1.4840GX15CrNi25-20SEW 595KC30FE20-MNF A32-057Grade HNASTM A 297SCH21JIS G 5122
1.4848GX40CrNiSi25-20DIN 17465  Grade HPASTM A 297SCH22JIS G 5122
1.4849GX40NiCrSiNb38-18DIN 17465    SCH23JIS G 5122
1.4852GX 40 NiCrNb 35 25SEW 595    SCH24JIS G 5122
1.4855GX30CrNiSiNb24-24DIN 17465      
1.4857GX40NiCrSi35-25DIN 17465      
1.4859GX 10 NiCrNb 32 20SEW 595      
1.4865GX40NiCrSi38-18DIN 17465      
1.4868GX50CrNi30-30SEW 595      
Stainless steel casting        
W.NrGerman  Europe USA  Japan 
1.4008G-X 8 CrNi 13DIN 17445GX8CrNi13EN 10283 Grade CA-15ASTM A 743-4SCS 1JIS G 5121
1.4027G-X 20 Cr 14DIN 17445GX5CrNi19-10EN 10283 Grade CA-40ASTM A 743-4SCS 2JIS G 5121
1.4085G-X 70 Cr 29SEW 410GX6CrNiN26-5EN 10283 Grade CF-3ASTM A 743-4SCS 3JIS G 5121
1.4120G-X 20 CrMo 13DIN 17442GX5CrNiMo19-11-2EN 10283 Grade CF-3MASTM A 743-4SCS 4JIS G 5121
1.4122G-X 35 CrMo 17DIN 17442GX2CrNiMoN25-6-3EN 10283 Grade CF-8ASTM A 743-4SCS 5JIS G 5121
1.4138G-X 120 CrMo 29 2SEW 410GX2CrNiMoCuN26-6-3-3EN 10283 Grade CF-8CASTM A 743-4SCS 6JIS G 5121
1.4306G-X 2 CrNiN 18 9SEW 410GX5CrNiNb19-11EN 10283 Grade CF-8MASTM A 743-4SCS 10JIS G 5121
1.4308G-X 6 CrNi 18 9DIN 17445GX5CrNiMoNb19-11-2EN 10283 Grade CF-20ASTM A 743-4SCS 11JIS G 5121
1.4313G-X 5 CrNi 13 4DIN 17445425C11BS-1504 Grade CH-20ASTM A 743-4SCS 12JIS G 5121
1.4340G-X 40 CrNi 27 4SEW 410316C12BS-1504 Grade CK-20ASTM A 743-4SCS 13JIS G 5121
1.4347G-X 8 CrNi 26 7SEW 410317C12BS-1504 Grade CN-7MASTM A 743-4SCS 14JIS G 5121
1.4404G-X 2 CrNiMoN 18 10SEW 410317C16BS-1504 Grade CG-12ASTM A 743-4SCS 15JIS G 5121
1.4405G-X 5 CrNiMo 16 5SEW 410410C21BS-3100 Grade CF-16FASTM A 743-4SCS 16JIS G 5121
1.4408G-X 6 CrNiMo 18 10DIN 17445420C29BS-3100 Grade CC-50ASTM A 743-4SCS 17JIS G 5121
1.4439G-X 3 CrNiMoN 17 13 5DIN 17445304C12BS-3100 Grade CA-40ASTM A 743-4SCS 18JIS G 5121
1.4464G-X 40 CrNiMo 27 5SEW 410304C15BS-3100 Grade CF-3ASTM A 743-4SCS 19JIS G 5121
1.4468G-X 3 CrNiMoN 26 6 3SEW 410347C17BS-3100 Grade CF-10SMnASTM A 743-4SCS 20JIS G 5121
1.4469G-X 2 CrNiMoN 25 7 4SEW 410316C12BS-3100 Grade CH-20ASTM A 743-4SCS 21JIS G 5121
1.4515G-X 3 CrNiMoCuN 26 6 3SEW 410316C16BS-3100 Grade CE-30ASTM A 743-4SCS 22JIS G 5121
1.4517G-X 3 CrNiMoCuN 26 6 3 3SEW 410332C13BS-3100 Grade CB-30ASTM A 743-4SCS 23JIS G 5121
1.4536G-X 2 NiCrMoCuN 25 20SEW 410Z2CN 18-10-MNF A32-056 Grade CF-3MNASTM A 743-4SCS 24JIS G 5121
1.4552G-X 5 CrNiNb 18 9DIN 17445Z6CN 18-10-MNF A32-056 Grade CG-6MMNASTM A 743-4  
1.4569G-X 2 CrNiMoNNb 21 15 4 3SEW 410Z6CNNb 18-10-MNF A32-056 Grade CG-8MASTM A 743-4  
1.4581G-X 5 CrNiMoNb 18 10DIN 17445Z2CND 18-12-MNF A32-056 Grade CN-3MASTM A 743-4  
   Z6CND 18-12-MNF A32-056 Grade CN-7MSASTM A 743-4  
   Z6CNDNb 18-12-MNF A32-056 Grade CA-6NMASTM A 743-4  
   Z8CN 25-20-MNF A32-056 Grade CD-4MCuASTM A 743-4  
   Z25CND 25-09-MNF A32-056 Grade CA-28MWVASTM A 743-4  
   Z6CNDU-20.08-MNF A32-056 Grade CK-MCuNASTM A 743-4 
Low Alloy Steel
Cast Steel for Pressure Applications        
W.NrGerman  Europe USA  Japan 
1.0619GS-C 25EN 10213A42C-MNF A32-055LCAASTM A 352SCPH 1JIS G 5151
1.0621GP 240 GREN 10213A42P-MNF A32-055LCBASTM A 352SCPH 2JIS G 5151
1.0625GP 280 GHEN 10213FB-MNF A32-055LCCASTM A 352SCPH 11JIS G 5151
1.4107GX 8 CrNi 12EN 10213A48C-MNF A32-055LC1ASTM A 352SCPH 21JIS G 5151
1.4309GX2CrNi19-11EN 10213A48P-MNF A32-055LC2ASTM A 352SCPH 22JIS G 5151
1.4408GX6CrNiMo 18 10EN 10213FC-MNF A32-055LC3ASTM A 352SCPH 23JIS G 5151
1.4409GX2CrNiMo19-11-2EN 10213FC2-MNF A32-055LC4ASTM A 352SCPH 32JIS G 5151
1.4458GX2NiCrMo28-20-2EN 1021320D5-MNF A32-055LC9ASTM A 352SCPH 61JIS G 5151
1.4469GX2CrNiMoN26-7-4EN 1021318CD2 05-MNF A32-055CA-6NMASTM A 352SCPL 1JIS G 5152
1.4517GX2CrNiMoCuN25-6-3-3EN 1021315CD5 05-MNF A32-055C23ASTM A 389SCPL 11JIS G 5152
1.4552GX5CrNiNb19-11EN 1021315CD9 10-MNF A32-055C24ASTM A 389SCPL 21JIS G 5152
1.4581GX5CrNiMoNb19-11-2EN 1021315CDV4 10-MNF A32-055Grade 1ASTM A 487SCPL 31JIS G 5152
1.4931GX 23 CrMoV 12-1EN 1021315CDV9 10-MNF A32-055Grade 2ASTM A 487SCPH 1JIS G 5202
1.5419G 20 Mo 5EN 10213Z15CD5 05-MNF A32-055Grade 4ASTM A 487SCPH 2-CFJIS G 5202
1.6781G 17 NiCrMo 13-6EN 10213Z6CND13 04-MNF A32-055Grade 6ASTM A 487SCPH 11-CFJIS G 5202
1.7357G 17 CrMo 5-5EN 10213Z4CND17 04-MNF A32-055Grade 7ASTM A 487SCPH 21-CFJIS G 5202
1.7365GX 15 CrMo 5EN 10213Z2CN18 10-MNF A32-055Grade 8ASTM A 487SCPH 32-CFJIS G 5202
1.7379GS-18 CrMo 9 10EN 10213Z6CN18 10-MNF A32-055Grade 9ASTM A 487  
1.7706GS-17 CrMoV 5 11EN 10213Z6CNNb18 10-MNF A32-055Grade 10ASTM A 487  
1.7720G 12 MoCrV 5-2EN 10213Z2CND18 12-MNF A32-055Grade 11ASTM A 487  
     Grade 12ASTM A 487  
     Grade 13ASTM A 487  
     Grade 14ASTM A 487  
     Grade 16ASTM A 487  
Quenched and tempered steel castings for general applications        
W.NrGerman  Europe USA  Japan 
1.1165GS-30 Mn 5DIN 1720530M6-MNF A32-054C23ASTM A 389AW2BS 3100
1.6515GS-25 CrNiMo 4DIN 1720533MD6-MNF A32-054C24ASTM A 389AW3BS 3100
1.6570GS-30 NiCrMo 8 5DIN 1720525CD4-MNF A32-054CA-2ASTM A 597  
1.6582GS-34 CrNiMo 6DIN 1720535CD4-MNF A32-054CD-2ASTM A 597  
1.6740GS-33 NiCrMo 7 4 4DIN 1720542CD4-MNF A32-054CD-5ASTM A 597  
1.7218GS-25 CrMo 4DIN 1720532NCD14-MNF A32-054CS-5ASTM A 597  
1.7220GS-34 CrMo 4DIN 17205XC42-MNF A32-054CM-2ASTM A 597  
1.7225GS-42 CrMo 4DIN 1720520M6-MNF A32-054CS-7ASTM A 597  
1.7725GS-30 CrMoV 6 4DIN 1720522MD5-MNF A32-054CH-12ASTM A 597  
1.7755GS-35 CrMoV 10 4DIN 1720512MDV6-MNF A32-054CH-13ASTM A 597  
1.5041GS-46 Mn 4SEW 83530MV6-MNF A32-054CO-1ASTM A 597  
1.5067GS-36 Mn 5SEW 83535CD12-MNF A32-054    
1.1196GS-Ck 45SEW 83525NCD2-MNF A32-054    
1.7228GS-50 CrMo 4SEW 83520NCD12-MNF A32-054    
1.8159GS-50 CrV 4SEW 835     
Wear Resistant Alloys
Abrasion resistant Cast Steel & Cast Iron        
W.NrGerman Europe Europe USA  
0.9610G-X 300 NiMo 3 MgDIN 1695Z160CDV12-MNF A32-058Grade 2ABS 4844IB NiCr-LCASTM A 532
0.9620G-X 260 NiCr 4 2DIN 1695Z200C12-MNF A32-058Grade 2BBS 4844IA NiCr-HCASTM A 532
0.9625G-X 330 NiCr 4 2DIN 1695Z100CD6 1-MNF A32-058Grade 2 C,D,EBS 4844ID Ni-HiCrASTM A 532
0.9630G-X 300 CrNiSi 9 5 2DIN 169545 S 7-MNF A32-058Grade 3 A,BBS 4844IIC 15%Cr-Mo-HCASTM A 532
0.9635G-X 300 CrMo 15 3DIN 169518 CDB2-MNF A32-058Grade 3, CBS 4844IID 20%CrMo-LCASTM A 532
0.9640G-X 300 CrMoNi 15 2 1DIN 169535 CD4-MNF A32-058Grade 3, DBS 4844IIIA 25%CrASTM A 532
0.9645G-X 260 CrMoNi 20 2 1DIN 169542 CD4-MNF A32-058Grade 3, EBS 4844IIIA 25%CrASTM A 532
0.9650G-X 260 Cr 27DIN 169550 CD4-MNF A32-058GC 37UNI 3160Other Designations 
0.9655G-X 300 CrMo 27 1DIN 169516 MCDV6-MNF A32-058G 90 Cr 4UNI 3160Ni Hard II 
   25 MSCD6-MNF A32-058GX 300 Cr 13UNI 3160Ni Hard I 
   30 MCDB6.4-MNF A32-058G 40 CrMo 4UNI 3160Ni Hard IV 
   35 CDV10.4-MNF A32-058G 35 NiCrMo 16UNI 3160  
   45 CSD6-MNF A32-058C 70 nUNE 36-254  
   30 NSCDV86-MNF A32-05830 Mn 5UNE 36-254  
   20 NCD8-MNF A32-05836 Mn 5UNE 36-254  
   32 NCD8-MNF A32-05846 Mn 4UNE 36-254  
   42 NCD16-MNF A32-05835 Cr 4UNE 36-254  
   50 NSCDV5-MNF A32-05890 Cr 4UNE 36-254  
   85 CDV12-MNF A32-05834 CrMo 4UNE 36-254  
   32 NCD8-MNF A32-058$2 CrMo 4UNE 36-254  
   42 NCD16-MNF A32-05880 CrMo 8UNE 36-254  
   85 CDV12-MNF A32-05825 MnCrMo 5UNE 36-254  
   50 NSCDV5-MNF A32-058    
Austenitic Manganese Steel        
W.NrGerman  Europe USA  Japan 
1.3805GX 120Mn13SEW 395Z100MD6 1-MNF A32-058Grade AASTM A 128SCMnH 1GIS G 5131
1.3401GX 120Mn12 Z120M12-MNF A32-058Grade B-1ASTM A 128SCMnH 2GIS G 5131
 GX 120MnMo 7-1ISO 13521Z120MC12-MNF A32-058Grade B-2ASTM A 128SCMnH 3GIS G 5131
 GX 110MnMo 12-1ISO 13521Z110MD12 1-MNF A32-058Grade B-3ASTM A 128SCMnH 11GIS G 5131
 GX 100Mn 13ISO 13521Z100MN13 4-MNF A32-058Grade B-4ASTM A 128SCMnH 21GIS G 5131
 GX 120MnCr 13-2ISO 13521Z120MC17 2-MNF A32-058Grade CASTM A 128  
 GX 120MnCr 13-3ISO 13521GX120Mn12UNI 3160Grade DASTM A 128  
 GX 120 Mn 17ISO 13521GX120MnCr1202UNI 3160Grade E-1ASTM A 128  
 GX 90MnMo 14ISO 13521AM-X120Mn12UNE 36-253Grade E-2ASTM A 128  
 GX 120MnCr 17-2ISO 13521AM-X120MnCr12 2UNE 36-253Grade FASTM A 128  
   21 83-02SIS 14 21 83   
Aluminum Alloys
Aluminum Cast Alloys        
W.NrGerman  Europe USA  Japan 
3.1371G-AlCu4TiMgDIN 1725-221000NF EN 1676204.0 A02040ASTM B26-B108AC 1 BJIS H 5202
3.1841G-AlCu4TiDIN 1725-241000NF EN 1676242.0 A02420ASTM B26-B108AC 2 BJIS H 5202
3.2151G-AlSi6Cu4DIN 1725-242100NF EN 1676295.0 A02950ASTM B26-B108AC 4 BJIS H 5202
3.2163G-AlSi9Cu3DIN 1725-242200NF EN 1676319.0 A03190ASTM B26-B108ADC 10JIS H 5202
3.2163G-AlSi9Cu3DIN 1725-242200NF EN 1676328.0 A03280ASTM B26-B108AC 4 BJIS H 5202
3.2163GD-AlSi9Cu3DIN 1725-242200NF EN 1676355.0 A03550ASTM B26-B108ADC 10JIS H 5202
3.2163GD-AlSi9Cu3DIN 1725-242200NF EN 1676356.0 A03560ASTM B26-B108AC 4 CHJIS H 5202
3.2211G-AlSi11DIN 1725-242200NF EN 1676443.0 A04430ASTM B26-B108AC 4 AJIS H 5202
3.2341G-AlSi5MgDIN 1725-243000NF EN 1676512.0 A05120ASTM B26-B108ADC 3JIS H 5202
3.2371G-AlSi7MgDIN 1725-243100NF EN 1676514.0 A05140ASTM B26-B108AC 3 AJIS H 5202
3.2373G-AlSi9MgDIN 1725-244000NF EN 1676520.0 A05200ASTM B26-B108ADC 1JIS H 5202
3.2381G-AlSi10MgDIN 1725-244100NF EN 1676535.0 A05350ASTM B26-B108ADC 6JIS H 5202
3.2382GD-AlSi10MgDIN 1725-244200NF EN 1676705.0 A07050ASTM B26-B108  
3.2383G-AlSi10Mg(Cu)DIN 1725-244400NF EN 1676707.0 A07070ASTM B26-B108  
3.2581G-AlSi12DIN 1725-245100NF EN 1676710.0D A07100ASTM B26-B108  
3.2582GD-AlSi12DIN 1725-245300NF EN 1676712.0D A07120ASTM B26-B108  
3.2583G-AlSi12(Cu)DIN 1725-245400NF EN 1676713.0 A07130ASTM B26-B108  
3.2982GD-AlSi12(Cu)DIN 1725-246100NF EN 1676771.0 A07710ASTM B26-B108  
3.3241G-AlMg3SiDIN 1725-246200NF EN 1676850.0 A08500ASTM B26-B108  
3.3261G-AlMg5SiDIN 1725-246300NF EN 1676851.0D A08510ASTM B26-B108  
3.3292GD-AlMg9DIN 1725-246500NF EN 1676852.0D A08520ASTM B26-B108  
3.3541G-AlMg3DIN 1725-247100NF EN 1676A242.0 A12420ASTM B26-B108  
3.3561G-AlMg5DIN 1725-248000NF EN 1676A356.0 A13560ASTM B26-B108  
   48000NF EN 1676B443.0 A24430ASTM B26-B108  
   51100NF EN 1676C355.0 A33550ASTM B26-B108  
   51300NF EN 1676    
   71000NF EN 1676   
Copper Alloys
Copper Cast Alloys        
W.NrGerman European  European USA 
2.0241G-CuZn15DIN 1709CC767SEN 1982CC334GEN 1982C87300ASTM B584
2.0290G-CuZn33PbDIN 1709CC766SEN 1982CC333GEN 1982C87400ASTM B584
2.0340G-CuZn37PbDIN 1709CC765SEN 1982CC332GEN 1982C87500ASTM B584
2.0492G-CuZn15Si4DIN 1709CC764SEN 1982CC331GEN 1982C87600ASTM B584
2.0590G-CuZn40FeDIN 1709CC763SEN 1982CC330GEN 1982C87610ASTM B584
2.0591G-CuZn38AlDIN 1709CC762SEN 1982CC212EEN 1982C89510AASTM B584
2.0592G-CuZn35Al1DIN 1709CC761SEN 1982USA  C89520BASTM B584
2.0595G-CuZn37Al1DIN 1709CC760SEN 1982C95200ASTM B148C89844ASTM B584
2.0596G-CuZn34Al2DIN 1709CC755SEN 1982C95300AASTM B148C90300ASTM B584
2.0598G-CuZn25Al5DIN 1709CC754SEN 1982C95400AASTM B148C90500ASTM B584
2.0815G-CuNi10DIN 17658CC753SEN 1982C95410AASTM B148C92200ASTM B584
2.0835G-CuNi30DIN 17658CC752SEN 1982C95500AASTM B148C92210ASTM B584
2.0940G-CuAl10FeDIN 1714CC751SEN 1982C95520AASTM B148C92300ASTM B584
2.0962G-CuAl8MnDIN 1714CC750SEN 1982C95600ASTM B148C92600ASTM B584
2.0970G-CuAl9NiDIN 1714CC497KEN 1982C95700ASTM B148C93200ASTM B584
2.0975G-CuAl10NiDIN 1714CC496KEN 1982C95800ASTM B148C93500ASTM B584
2.0980G-CuAl11NiDIN 1714CC495KEN 1982C95820ASTM B148C93700ASTM B584
2.1050G-CuSn10DIN 1705CC494KEN 1982C95900ASTM B148C93800ASTM B584
2.1052G-CuSn12DIN 1705CC493KEN 1982C83450ASTM B584C94300ASTM B584
2.1060G-CuSn12NiDIN 1705CC492KEN 1982C83600ASTM B584C94700ASTM B584
2.1061G-CuSn12PbDIN 1705CC491KEN 1982C83800ASTM B584C94800ASTM B584
2.1086G-CuSn10ZnDIN 1705CC490KEN 1982C84400ASTM B584C94900ASTM B584
2.1090G-CuSn7ZnPbDIN 1705CC484KEN 1982C84800ASTM B584C96800ASTM B584
2.1093G-CuSn6ZnNiDIN 1705CC483KEN 1982C85200ASTM B584C97300ASTM B584
2.1096G-CuSn5ZnPbDIN 1705CC482KEN 1982C85400ASTM B584Japanese  
2.1098G-CuSn2ZnPbDIN 1705CC481KEN 1982C85700ASTM B584AlBC1JIS H 5114
2.1166G-CuPb22SnDIN 1716CC480KEN 1982C86200ASTM B584AlBC3JIS H 5114
2.1170G-CuPb5SnDIN 1716CC383HEN 1982C86300ASTM B584BC3JIS H 5111
2.1176G-CuPb10SnDIN 1716CC382HEN 1982C86400ASTM B584BC6JIS H 5111
2.1182G-CuPb15SnDIN 1716CC381HEN 1982C86500ASTM B584BC1JIS H 5111
2.1188G-CuPb20SnDIN 1716CC380HEN 1982C86700ASTM B584LBC5JIS H 5115
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