Iroon Skopeftiriou 2 & Imittou, 161 21 Kesariani, Athens, Greece.
Telephone: +30 210-7522066 - Fax: +30 210-7510213
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Metallurgy is our Specialty

Our accumulated know-how, the large team of specialized engineers working for our company and the state of the art laboratories inhouse, enable us perform engineering studies, either as a supplement to our production schedule or as standalone projects
Our Advantages

  • Engineering studies with deep knowledge of the subject at various levels.
  • Large scientific background.
  • Large support from our Certified Laboratories.
  • Short times to complete the studies.
  • Wide range of subjects covered.
Kampakas SA designs Parts
Kampakas SA performs Metallurgical Evaluation
Kampakas SA has automatic Spectrographs
  • Product and Tooling Design.
  • Process Design, Development and Qualification.
  • Metallurgical Studies - Reverse Engineering.
  • Failure Analysis of Metal Components.
  • Feasibility Studies - Market Analysis.
  • Offset Benefits and Coproduction Proposals.
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