Iroon Skopeftiriou 2 & Imittou, 161 21 Kesariani, Athens, Greece.
Telephone: +30 210-7522066 - Fax: +30 210-7510213
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From Small to Very Large Parts
Small - Medium Castings

The production of castings of up to 250 kg weight is effected with the use of optimized automatic machines.
Automatic Moulding Lines ensure high production Rates. Batch and Continuous Heat treament Furnaces are used for the uniform heat treatment of the parts.
Our Advantages

  • High Dimensional Accuracy of the as Cast Parts.
  • High Production Rates of Castings and Heat Treatment.
  • Excellent Quality of the resulting as Cast Surface.
  • Uniform Heat Treatment.
  • Suitable for Small Batches as well.
  • Environmental friendly (Green) technologies.
  • 4 Automatic Moulding Lines with max dimensions 1000 x 1250 and up to 1000 flasks/day capacity
  • 7 Heat Treatment Furnaces - 2 Induction Surface Hardening Machines - 3 Flame surface hardening Installations.
  • 4 Electric Arc Melting Furnaces - 3 Induction Melting Furnaces - 1 Induction Holding furnace - 8 Pouring laddles
  • 2 Cold Box - 3 Hot Box automatic Core Shooters.
  • Use of Quartz Sand - Olivine sand - Chromite Sand - permanent moulds
  • Automatic Shake Out - 2 Cleaning Lines - 6 Shot Blasting Installations.

Large Castings

The production of Large Castings is effected by using special moulding techniques (e.g. pit moulding). A round heat treament furnace ideal for the homogeneous heat treatment of large cylindrical parts is used.
Our Advantages

  • The employment of resin bonded sand results in High Dimensional Accuracy.
  • Engineering - Simulation eliminates the risk of defects.
  • All tools / patterns are built inhouse resulting in Very Short Lead Times.
  • In conjuction with our Machining lines for Large parts, we offer final solution to our customers.
  • 2 Moulding Lines for the production of Large Castings
  • Capability to produce a part with max weight of 29,000 kg (Depending on shape and alloy)
  • Α Special Designed round Heat Treatment Furnace ensures homogeneous Heat Treatment of Large Cylindrical Parts.
  • All Ferrous alloys can be cast - including Structural Steel and Wear Resistant alloys.
  • Engineering and Casting Simulation Software is used prior to production to eliminate defects.
  • Tooling and machining is done inhouse.
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