Iroon Skopeftiriou 2 & Imittou, 161 21 Kesariani, Athens, Greece.
Telephone: +30 210-7522066 - Fax: +30 210-7510213
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Cutting Forming Welding

The production of fabricated products is accomplished in cooperation with the Forming Department. We are capable of building fabrications up to 30,000 kg, mainly structural components for industrial applications. All welding operations are performed by certified personnel. WPS processes have been developed.

Our Advantages

  • Certified Welders EN 9606-1.
  • Welding Process Qualifications EN 15609-1.
  • Inhouse design and production of welding tools and Fixtures.
  • Capability for Ferrous and Non Ferrous Welding.
  • Very Short Lead Times.
  • Suitable for Small Batches
Kampakas SA combines Castings and Welded Structures
Kampakas SA performs Hard Facing
Kampakas SA combines Hard Facing onto Castings
  • 2 semi automatic Flame Cutting Machines.
  • 2 semi automatic Plasma Cutting Machines.
  • 1 portable cutting machines.
  • A wide range of welding processes: MMA (SMAW), MIG MAG (GMAW), SAW, TIG, SFCAW, Open arc.
  • Spot Welding, Stud Welding, Oxyfuel Welding, Brazing.
  • A wide range of custom welding machines and fixtures (mainly for rotary welding of cylindrical parts.

Hard Overlays
Hard Facing

In our Hard Facing department, we apply hard welded overlays on plates and on cylindrical parts, in order to increase their wear resistance in abrasive environments. A wide variety of tools and equipment is used in order to meet the individual requirements of each application.

Our Advantages

    • High Deposition rates on flat products.
    • Capability to deposit very thick overlays.
    • Wide variety of materials used depending on the application.
    • Capability to hard face cylindrical parts.
    • Hard facing Of Castings
            • 1 Fully automatic Hard Facing machine for the production of clad plates.
            • 1 Semi automatic Hard Facing machine for deposit of hard overlays on cylindrical parts.
            • Several Machines for the hard facing of other parts (bucket excavators, tips and nail, etc)
            • Design and development of custom tools and procedures tailored for each application.
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