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Gear Cutting


The Gear Cutting facilities are supplemented by our Casting and Large Casting lines as well as the Heat Treament and Surface Hardening installations, which alltogether enable us deliver complete and final products to our customers.

  • High Dimensional Accuracy.

  • Big Production Rates.

  • Excellent Surface Quality.

  • Very Short Lead Times.

  • Cabability to cut all types of teeth: Spur, Bevel, Helical up to module 52.

Gear Cutter
Cutting of Large Gears
Some Basic Features

3 Automatic Moulding Lines Jolt Type Able to produce

4 Automatic Creaning Lines

8 Melting Furnaces

Green Sand - No Bake sand - Core Shooters

Quartz Sand - Olivine sand - Chromite Sand

Automatic Shake - Out

Gear Cutter
Precision cutting of gears
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