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Kampakas SA is a CERN Supplier ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

Kampakas SA

Kampakas SA has a vast experience in producing advanced hardware articles.

Prototyping using cutting edge technologies.

CAD CAM software to minimize prototyping and tool making cycles as well as to ensure close dimensional consistence.

Engineering Analysis.

FEM analysis to study and optimize the casting configuration, ensure the integrity of the parts and avoid time consuming real production trials.

Advanced Casting Process.

Use of top quality raw materials and strict observation and control of production variables.

Advanced Heat Treatment.

Use of special controllers to real time monitor the heat treatment process.

Close tolerance machining.

CNC machining with sophisticated and rigit machines.

Surface protection - modification.


  The project with CERN is completed The purpose of this project was to engineer and produce the casting parts of CERN's Beam Detectors for the Target North Zone. After the initial discussions and the prerequisite audit of Kampakas facilities by CERN's delegates, Kampakas SA was finally awarded the contract. The scope of work included the production of four different parts (three made of ferrous and one of aluminum alloy) in various quantities, starting from drawings and simple 3d files. The schedule of this project was limited down to only a few months due to the restrictions of CERN's experimental planning. Thus; in a very short period of time, Kampakas SA had to perform engineering, prototyping, casting, heat treatment, machining, surface protection and final quality inspetion of all parts, so as to be able to deliver them on time.

  The first step was to develop valid 3d files of the parts. Those 3d files would be used for the FEM analysis and optimization of the casting process, the manufacturing of the tools (patterns) required for the casting and finally validate and implement the CNC machining processing of the parts. Right after finishing the design, the FEM analysis showed that the solidification pattern of the parts presented significant complications due to the intricate shape and the thin walls of the parts. The extensive analysis and the numerous tested setups, resulted in the final determination of a viable casting configuration that would overcome all the potential issues regarding proper feeding and stress concentrations in certain regions. The tools (patterns) were manufactured and trial castings were produced in order to validate the configurations.

  At that moment engineering gave way to actual production, which utilized two lines: One for the ferrous and one for the non ferrous (aluminum) alloys. The castings were produced, cleaned, heat treated, thoroughly inspected and finally transferred to the machine shop. The machining steps for each part had already been defined in the engineering stage, so the parts were directly CNC machined without any delay. After the final dimensional inspection and the completion of the required certification, the parts were surface protected and ready for reception by CERN's inspectors.
successful result made all Kampakas SA employees proud of contributing in such an advanced project. This ensures us that similar projects, which Kampakas SA has been awarded to, will prove to be successful as well.

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